This Blog is a conversation with You about living the philosophies that we all read about. People ask me “how” I do what I do ... This blog is about just that. This is my experience of the ideas that I have heard, been taught and read about over the years I have studied My Self and others. May You step over the pot holes that I have tripped on; learn from my sharing and together we can “live in the world the way we want it to be” to use Ghandi’s words. Enjoy, Share and Grow – Together!

March 21, 2010

On Vacation.

I am on vacation now. So, if my blog entries are not as frequent, please understand. However, if another "The Gift" episode happens, trust me, I will be writing about it that day.  Enjoy the spring beginnings as we will be. I will be back sharing "my view from here" after April 2nd.

The Gift

A gift arrived yesterday morning and I was speechless. For those of you who know me, “speechless” is not usual for me, at any time. But this, this left me speechless.

It was early morning; I was out feeding the birds. As I walked to the feeder near the vegetable garden, I saw something on the ground. I realized it was a pair of deer antlers. I actually thought “are those antlers?” As I walked over to them, it was amazing.

There they sat, side by side, in perfect symmetry. As if, the deer had simply lowered his head and they had fallen from each side of his head. I was amazed. I knelt down almost afraid to touch them. 

March 19, 2010

Spark of the Creator

I had a wonderful opportunity recently, when I was channeling, to visit our Creator’s Spark within.  I have had many wonderful experiences during channel, and this one can be included in those. 

The feeling was, at first, as if I was in the protected womb; like a newly conceived baby, safe in the womb.  The feeling was whole and complete and ever so warm. Then I / We were guided to move in, even more deeply. That is when it really got ever so interesting.

As  I / We moved deeper and deeper within this newborn or newly conceived feeling, the strength and safety also increased. The point of the channel, as is explained in the March Message from a channeling in Moncton, N.B., was to take me/us to the beginning of our life here.  I was privileged to experience the “spark” of life

March 13, 2010

Who is My Self?

"What truth, what light through my mind’s window breaks?
It is the east, and the Holy Spirit is the sun
Arise my Friend, dissolve the ego moon
Who is already sick and pale with grief
That thou the truth art far more great than he
Oh It is the Christ Child, yes It is my Love
And if I knew What I was, the brightness of my mind
would shame the stars as daylight does a lamp
My Mind in Heaven would through the unseen regions stream so bright
The world would sing and knoweth not the night”
            Page 276, The Disappearance of the Universe
                    Gary Renard

I read this and my heart leaped. Now I am a Shakespeare fan, but this .. this was wondrous to me. It was so inspired of Renard to translate this piece from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, from what it was into this!

In this, the line that stands out the most for me is “ … if I knew What I was …”.

March 7, 2010

The Voice That is Me.

As I was saying earlier, I am so blessed to be working with the clients I do. For often the things I hear, the questions I am asked, cause me to stop and see what I believe and why I believe it.

I do not mean to harp on this belief idea. And I am not saying the same thing that I said in the last blog.  This is different, I promise.

The other day, as I explained what I did to a new client, I said that as I channel the voice changes, sometimes more than once.  And that wonderful client, very innocently asked me “why”? Why did the voice change when I channeled?

March 4, 2010

Beliefs: The Music of Our Lives?

There is a music, of sorts, that we unconsciously hear. It is the music of our life and it directs the steps – dance steps – that we take as we move through our life/our journey.

I like to think of this “music” as coming from the various ideas and beliefs that we have stored in our minds.  As I have worked with clients this past week, I have really found myself taking a new view of the music of people’s lives; even more so, the music of my life.

There are so many beliefs that we hold and demonstrate in all of our choices and decisions. I have come to realize that some of those beliefs are not so very obvious.  And so a new avenue in my personal journey has become, seeking to be more aware of my beliefs and what they are.

By example, yesterday as I worked with Course in Miracles, I suddenly became aware that I believed that my Soul “evolved”.  As I read my miracles text, I was asked to consider that perhaps my Soul did not have to evolve. The Course suggested that the Soul was “perfect” and with that statement, a realization

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Hi, my name is Donna Somerville and I am a full time spiritual medium and facilitator. What do I facilitate? You! You and your developing awareness of what You love, what fulfills You and how You sabotage Your Self. I do this, and have been learning how to do this since 1988. How do I do this? By having conversations, out loud, with Your Inner Self and recording those conversations so that You can “listen” in. I am a listener. Although people like to call them readings and channeling, I call it “listening”. I believe that my purpose is to, quite literally, become useless to You. My work is to “listen”, and then to show You how to do it for Your Self. I love my life! All of it.The ups and the downs. I feel it is a great privilege and adventure to be alive now, at this time and I want to experience life to the fullest. I am all about experience!