This Blog is a conversation with You about living the philosophies that we all read about. People ask me “how” I do what I do ... This blog is about just that. This is my experience of the ideas that I have heard, been taught and read about over the years I have studied My Self and others. May You step over the pot holes that I have tripped on; learn from my sharing and together we can “live in the world the way we want it to be” to use Ghandi’s words. Enjoy, Share and Grow – Together!

June 12, 2010

Clear Again

Don’t feel like I have anything greatly insightful to share today but do feel like I cannot leave the blog as it is.  One of the things about sharing in the blog, is that sometimes I re think what I have shared and the wisdom of it.

Truly, I want to document my way through the maze we call life, as I change and attempt to become more and more aware of my sparkling, wholly acceptable self. But other times, like after writing the last two blogs, I wonder if it is just my ego speaking in print.

Anyway, wanted to say today that I have found my way through all the emptiness and the way was lighted with Laughter! That was a surprise to me as well. I have found my laughter and that has caused me to lighten up considerably.

I truly believe that my ego had taken the real feelings that I was writing about in the June 1st blogs, and exaggerated them to create drama.  My, my but my ego is clever!

Anyway, am not “back to normal” for I truly feel that version of me is completed and gone forever. I am still exploring and stretching into this version of me – not better, just different. 

In this version of me, I do find that I can laugh more easily.  The feeling of “no necessity” that I struggled with for many weeks, has evolved into

June 4, 2010

And then later ...

Later … June 1st

I continue to write today. Since the words are here, I will continue.  This time I do want to share an insight I found in myself a few days ago. As I explained in the previous blog – please read it first as this one will not make as much sense if you have not read the Blog from June 1st.

In the place of distance and lack of necessity, I find myself making mistakes and laughing at them.  The me that I used to being does not forget things, does not make mistakes. I know how arrogant that sounds, but truly I am  - have been – that “A” type personality that is always on top of everything. Of course, I make mistakes but these mistakes I am making now, are different. Let me explain.

I set up a classroom for intuition, a date that I set, and then “I” forgot about it! For the first time in 10 years, I forgot a class. A mistake. But what was so very, very interesting is that when I got the phone message asking where I was, I was completely astonished. There was no trace of that class idea in my brain anywhere. My first reaction was that they were wrong. But, then a dawning came and I remembered and … here is the miracle … I laughed.

Now, I mean no disrespect in sharing this. It was a miracle because I did not beat myself up.

June 1, 2010

And now what ...

It has been a while since I have written anything for the blog, as you can see. Life has been unfolding at a break neck pace. As I have been talking about over these blogs, I have been working with various teachings and energies, all in the effort to “awaken” and release “ego”. Well, let me say that the process of letting go of the ego and of becoming more awakened has been a very uncomfortable one.

I have not been writing because I have been in so much experience that I have been overwhelmed. I am not speaking about an overwhelmed that comes with many emotions and processes; that I could handle because that is what I am very used to. Oh what I would give for the old triggered, over reaction emotions, followed immediately by process and then clearing. That is familiar to me.
But this …

This has been a whole other ball of wax! Where I have been these last weeks is a place I have never been before …. INDIFFERENCE.

I am connected. I am working.  I am present. I am in my relationships BUT through all of it, there is this wonderful distance that allows me a whole new perspective. That part has been great. But that then has led me to a place of non-involvement,

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