This Blog is a conversation with You about living the philosophies that we all read about. People ask me “how” I do what I do ... This blog is about just that. This is my experience of the ideas that I have heard, been taught and read about over the years I have studied My Self and others. May You step over the pot holes that I have tripped on; learn from my sharing and together we can “live in the world the way we want it to be” to use Ghandi’s words. Enjoy, Share and Grow – Together!

April 26, 2010

Acceptance Versus Challenge

Since I realized there was another blog in our conversation the other day, I decided to write it immediately.  Keeping up with this blog writing is not as easy as I thought as I have demonstrated with my sporadic writing lately.  But I blog when I find something worth repeating and not so much lately, but yesterday …

We were discussing the idea of Acceptance, my husband David and my friend Rita and I.  It is the “big one” for me, the whole acceptance idea. We were talking about it because I am becoming more and more aware of practicing acceptance in a real way and not just being in the philosophy of the idea.  My being a Capricorn, I want to “walk” not just “talk” the idea. So, my question to my friends was this: “If I am practicing acceptance, am I then cheating my friends by not challenging their thinking or their actions when I see weakness or unconsciousness in their actions or speech? Am I supposed to “accept” all their actions and words?”

April 23, 2010

You and I : The Words

Language. As many of you already know, the words we use on a daily basis are so critical.  It is with our language that we create the world around us.  I do not mean the “you create your reality” idea; rather that our words reflect our thinking, and so truly give us an idea of who and what we are from the inside out.  I often say to my husband, that if people realized what I “heard” when they spoke to me, they would never speak to me. What I mean by that statement, is that the words my clients use, speak volumes to me about their inner condition.

Staying in that idea, I have been working with the words “YOU” and “I” in my own speech and have had interesting results. From my work with the Course in Miracles and Disappearance of the Universe, my awareness of my ego has increased. I enjoy this and do find it very interesting to see, and to feel, my ego’s presence. 

One the ways that I have been able to strengthen my awareness of my ego is with these two words.  Truly, try this!  I have stopped using the word “YOU” in my language and replaced it with the word “I”. I try to do it all the time, and the results, for me, are astounding!

April 15, 2010

What is Purpose?

Sorry I have been gone so long. We did go on vacation and renovated the house. That led to fumes, dust and allergies; which resulted in “colds”, congestion and unwellness all around.  Life happens when you have other plans.

But this morning I awoke with a Blog unfolding in my head and so here I am.

We started the Meditation Series on Remembering Purpose last night and I awoke this morning with the whole “Purpose” idea rolling around in my head.

Often, in my readings, clients ask me about their “purpose”. When they do, they are looking for a mission and a reason; something to “do” or “become”. As I have worked with various modalities and listened to each soul’s answer to this question over the years, I have come to realize that purpose is so much more than what our small mind looks for it to be. 

Perhaps purpose is simply the recognition that what I am presently doing is not fulfilling and joy producing and so… the question arises, why am I here? To do this? No, it can’t be. Why am I here?

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Hi, my name is Donna Somerville and I am a full time spiritual medium and facilitator. What do I facilitate? You! You and your developing awareness of what You love, what fulfills You and how You sabotage Your Self. I do this, and have been learning how to do this since 1988. How do I do this? By having conversations, out loud, with Your Inner Self and recording those conversations so that You can “listen” in. I am a listener. Although people like to call them readings and channeling, I call it “listening”. I believe that my purpose is to, quite literally, become useless to You. My work is to “listen”, and then to show You how to do it for Your Self. I love my life! All of it.The ups and the downs. I feel it is a great privilege and adventure to be alive now, at this time and I want to experience life to the fullest. I am all about experience!