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June 12, 2010

Clear Again

Don’t feel like I have anything greatly insightful to share today but do feel like I cannot leave the blog as it is.  One of the things about sharing in the blog, is that sometimes I re think what I have shared and the wisdom of it.

Truly, I want to document my way through the maze we call life, as I change and attempt to become more and more aware of my sparkling, wholly acceptable self. But other times, like after writing the last two blogs, I wonder if it is just my ego speaking in print.

Anyway, wanted to say today that I have found my way through all the emptiness and the way was lighted with Laughter! That was a surprise to me as well. I have found my laughter and that has caused me to lighten up considerably.

I truly believe that my ego had taken the real feelings that I was writing about in the June 1st blogs, and exaggerated them to create drama.  My, my but my ego is clever!

Anyway, am not “back to normal” for I truly feel that version of me is completed and gone forever. I am still exploring and stretching into this version of me – not better, just different. 

In this version of me, I do find that I can laugh more easily.  The feeling of “no necessity” that I struggled with for many weeks, has evolved into
something that allows me to see that everything is of equal importance. The laundry and dishes are as important as the clients and the dogs.  Yes, it is an odd feeling, but a comfortable one. Now, instead of the “no necessity” leading me to leaving everything undone, or not completed; this equal importance place allows me to do everything in its own time, no pressure, no importance, just one thing and then another and then another. Even with the writing of this blog. Today I saw clients, put laundry on the line, answered emails and calls, put more laundry on the line, had lunch and now blogging; all with equal importance.  It feels like true presence in action, and it is comfortable.

I am still unsure in many ways of “who am I now?” but am ok with it. I simply know that when I need to know “who I am”, I will know.

So, my view from here is definitely different, but calmer, clearer and much more present! Thanks for the support that many of you offered through email. When you go through this, as I believe we all will in our own unique fashion, get in touch and let me offer you the same support. Till then, I will keep sharing my view and doing my level best to keep my ego out of it. 


  1. I would say that expression through your EGO is a necessary part of the path to integrating the EGO into its place as a team member so do not feel any need to feel bad about your process. In fact, many do not "go there" and let the EGO express at all and in doing so leave the that part of themselves locked up and with it the energy or point of view they need to move through something and feel stuck.

    Funny how we avoid what we really need to express when it seems to be a "negative" expression as the EGO can seem to be.

    Great blog Donna!

  2. Thanks for that view. Yes, I too do not believe that I am to "destroy" or get rid of my ego in anyway. But instead, I am to be aware of it at all times and so work with my ego being a part of my wholeness. I do not see ego as vicious or malicious but frightened and too far from the truth of me. As the truth of me gets stronger, ego plays its role of origin. So much to ponder. Thanks for sharing. D.


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