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July 1, 2010

Tuning In

I have reached the light at the end of the tunnel. Most interesting about finally coming to this point in my journey, is that I realized I reached the light at the end of the tunnel first, because I looked for it, and second, because I expected to.

As I have been writing about, infrequently so as not to dramatize it, I have been in this tunnel or cocoon of personal release and development and now finally am feeling My Self. Interestingly, I almost said “again” – My Self again – but I cannot say that. For the “My Self” that I am feeling now, is far different from who I was a mere three months ago. I cannot detail the differences, but it feels so different inside of me and inside of all that I participate in and do.  But I digress.

What I wanted to write about today is this whole concept of “tuning in” and “tuning out”. 
I often explain my soul readings with the idea of my tuning my radio to the signals of my client using their names; well, where I am now and what I want to share is more of that same idea.

I am so now in understanding that energy is always consistent and what changes is me and “how” I tune into that energy.  I am realizing just how powerful, and I use that word deliberately, how powerful my expectations are.  Once I was in that empty “who am I really?” space , I was so busy examining where I was and seeking understanding of its meaning that I realized I was just creating and continuing my existence in this empty “who am I?” space,  by tuning in to only it. The continuation of the lost feelings became a self fulfilling prophecy because I kept expecting it to be there.  I was not looking for a way out, I was looking for a way in. What I mean is that with my desire to understand what was happening and why, I was giving more depth, more meaning and more life to that empty space.

I came away from it by waking one day and wondering when things would change. And that wonder, I believe, changed the direction of the energy and my creation. Wondering what would come next, was my tuning in to the very energy or vibration of ME in a different way. I no longer cared to answer “who am I?” but cared where I would go when this was all over. I stepped out of the emptiness and looked for me from a different vantage point. That different vantage point brought to me new insights and approaches to enlightenment and intuition. 

I am now feeling, and believing, that previously I was tuning into “spirit” or “soul essence” from a place outside of it.  There was a division between Me and ME. Being in that empty uncertain space, I was trying to tune “back in” to feeling connected and good and joyous. But, I always was tuned in; I never “left”. Now, what I need to become more easily aware of is when I am out of tune  – when I am tuned out and away from that connected space.  It is not “who am I?” but “how I am who I am? How am I me? How do I demonstrate me? And with that I returned to the Me that is all about experience and the empty tunnel collapsed.

Having spent so many months in this alone, uncertain and shadowed part of My Self I feel that I know this part so clearly now, that I can even more easily identify when I am tuning out. That part is not wrong, or evil, or even negative; it is a part that is too far away from what is truly Me. It is a place that I would so simply describe as “far away”. And as a result, I have been “far away” for the last few months; far away from My Self, my friends, my family, my world.

Well, I am back. And now that I know “far away” so well, I can stay tuned in and very “here”. Dare I see another reason why “presence” is so important!?!

What is it - tuning in: the intention to stay connected to who I truly am, while listening for that part of me that wants to “tune out” and call her to me. I now can bring all of me to the tuned in place and let the tuned out, shadowed place disappear, and fade away.  Tuned in and knowing who I truly am is not about labels or definitions, it is about presence and experiences. It is about “being” ME not identifying Me.

I AM ME! And, the view from here is much more comfortable and “tuned in”. I offer this for you to consider and play with in your own way. What does it feel like to be YOU? Are you aware when you are far away from YOU ? What does that feel like? Knowing the Self is such a journey and yet, I find, holds such rewards.


  1. Hi Donna - stopping by to wish you a Happy Canada Day! I've still got my gift certificate that I cherish - I'm saving it for when I get a moment. But I'll be getting in contact soon.

    I'm quite certain that the search for Self is lifelong and ongoing. It's something that people think will arrive intact someday, but Self is like a river. Each day brings new revelations or more often challenges. Always bumping along the stones in the riverbed. But the longer the river flows, the smoother the stones get polished.

    My moment of Zen.

  2. Thanks Julia for your kind words. Often I need to be encouraged. I agree, it is an ever flowing river and it is to allow the flow of the river to carry us and not try to move against the flow. D.


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