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July 2, 2010

The First

Went to "The Airbender" movie movie last night and found it interesting. What the movie left me with was a question – why is there always “only” one. I thought about the movie"The Matrix" in which Neo is the “only one” who can …. And now in Airbender, Aang is the “only one” who can … That then brings to mind Jesus, Buddha, and Mohammed … the “only ones” who can …

As I pondered this idea what came to me was this. It is NOT “only one”, what it really is “THE FIRST” one who can.  In our weekly book club, we are working with David Hawkin's book “Power versus Force” and he explains why.  He suggests that there has to be one person who breaks through so that others can follow.  This is most obvious in sports, the first man to break the 4 minute mile, the first ….. There are many in the sports world because there are so many records to be broken in the sports world. But the point is, to use his words, there has to be a positive attractor in order for others to consider that that action is now a possibility.

As I pondered these ideas, I smiled for again I can see how ego wants to make the impossible remain impossible, or at least elitist – meaning that ONLY ONE can ever do, be, succeed at this, that or the other thing.  As always, I am seeing the ego isolate.
It seems that the most common quality of ego behavior is to isolate; for if all are capable, then there can be no priority, no superiority, and then the ego’s place is defeated for if all can be the same in power, prow ness and capability then … how am I to be better, superior?

Dare I take this idea to the acts – miracles – of Jesus? I have held the belief a long time that Jesus came to show us what we are capable of. I do not believe that he came here to be worshipped and put on a pedestal above us. Many of his messages encouraged us to come, to speak and to listen. “Knock and the door shall be opened.” “Where two or more are gathered, I am there.” The list can go on and on. But my point is, making the attitude and perspective that Jesus held – one of love and acceptance – an elitist act makes those qualities unattainable by us mere humans. This I do not believe! Jesus was the first, not the only and if we take this idea further, we can see beliefs change and possibilities expand.

I am really seeing this now in my little world.  For many years, being intuitive or psychic was special – in fact it was called “a gift”. Again, limiting who could be so endowed with such a special gift – ego! And now, there are so many and it is so easy to develop this skill. 

I have come to realize that being intuitive is not a gift, it is a skill that can be developed by anyone, and literally anyone can be actively intuitive. In fact, I believe that being intuitive is actually a natural state of being for humans but we have forgotten how. The small minded ego supports that forgetting by making this a “gift” but when I mentor those who want to develop this “gift” I remind them: how well would Celine Dion sing if she did not practice? As with any skill, practice brings the skill to a place of ease and comfort.

So, friends, let your self observe within your world the things that you see as “special” or “gifts”, and most importantly “impossibilities” and spend time considering: Nothing is impossible, it is simply not yet tried. Once someone, maybe you, makes the attempt, then it becomes possible for many, many others to also succeed. 

In my work I do my readings “from a distance”, meaning the person is not in my office, nor on my phone. In the beginning, even among other mediums/psychics this seemed impossible. I had been asked “how can you do that?” My answer was, because I believe that I can.  And now, others can do it. I did not “teach” anyone. I simply made the idea a possibility and now it is a doable for all!

Our world can change so easily if we let go of the isolated “only one” scenarios in our lives and consider possibilities as simply those things we have not tried yet.  So, today – change your view of your world and “try” no DO something that is, has been impossible to you before.

My view of this world is clearer and clearer. Please join me so that everything becomes possible and merely waiting for someone to be “THE FIRST” to do it!

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