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July 14, 2010

Reiki as the Divine Feminine

Was having a truly joyous time at our book club on Monday evening, discussing the Hawkins book"Power versus Force". Not to mislead, Hawkins is not a funny book. It just seems that we are able, in this book club, to laugh at things in the most curious way. I have come to love these women because of the lightness we seem to bring out in each other. I have truly come to understand, through this book club experience, how interaction truly leads me to see My Self, laugh at My Self and see My Self with such honesty. My gosh, for me, it is truly ONLY with other people that I can see My Self and know the dynamics of my beliefs in action! I am amazed.

But to my story, as we were discussing a wonderful experience one of my friends had had at a Grandmother Speaks Ceremony, I suddenly got a flash understanding. As our world is changing – for the better I might add – there is a re balancing going on.  It is often said, and I believe, that there is too much “male” or “yang” energy in our world.  This has nothing to do with male and female gender for each human have male and female energy within them. Very briefly, the male energy is the intellect, aggression and competitive part of our being; the female energy is the emotional, creative and cooperative aspect of our being. In balance, we are powerful!

Well, my flash of understanding came about the feminine.  I have been a big believer in the Reiki forces – a healing modality brought to the earth in the mid 1800s by Dr. Usui. It is quite well known, so no surprise I am a big supporter of it. BUT – my support has always felt different from how I see others refer to it. In fact, I see Reiki and Reiki training not as a means to “becoming” a practitioner but as a means to further each participant’s journey.  I feel that Reiki brings “courage” to the body; courage to heal itself, courage to choose; courage to know the Self. That was just naturally how I saw Reiki. My Reiki Master did not “teach” this, it was just how I always experienced Reiki.

Now don’t get me wrong, I feel Reiki practitioners are important but I do not feel that everyone who takes Reiki is meant to be a practitioner.  I have often wondered why there are so many practitioners. Well, in this flash of understanding I – understood!

The Reiki energy, as I see it, is a soft, undulating, rhythmic energy. I always start any treatment with it, even Rebirthing, because I find it softness the client, helps relax and open them. Why? Well, here it is – I suddenly realized that the Reiki energy is the feminine and we need it so much to help balance the male. I see Reiki as Ying and it is working to balance the Yang – not just in the “world” but in each individual as well!!

I know, simple, and maybe obvious to others but a revelation to me this day! I have always said that if money were no object, I believe everyone could have a Reiki or energy body treatment each month. In fact, in this day of almost monthly energy shifts, I believe that body work is a “requirement” for maintenance of our balance and good health! It was a feeling I was speaking from and never really understood why it just felt sooo important to me. Well now I do!

Now, I understand.  As our world comes into balance Ying to Yang – we each need to individually, come into balance as well.
Our world, can and does, feel so uncomfortable to be in, if our individual balance is not matching the balance of the Earth as the shifts occur. 

I feel Reiki treatments and even more importantly, Reiki Training is an important step in achieving and maintaining that balance.  I find it so interesting that as I return to teaching again (yeah!) with new course ideas and enthusiasm, I still feel the “need” to teach Reiki.  I did not question it as I am comfortable coming from my passion unquestionably, but why that old stand by when I have so much else I want to teach. And so now I understand. I never asked why, just wondered from time to time, why so many Reiki teachers, so many practitioners and now ….

Our Earth Mother is returning our world to a balance in her own ways and for us to “keep up”, we to need to return to balance as well. Balance in our thoughts, our approaches and our decisions. I believe that energy bodywork, specifically Reiki, truly assists that process. Don’t take my word for it. Try it for Your Self! For three months, have one Reiki treatment a month and then don’t for three months – watch for the differences. Then, consider taking Reiki training, it is being taught literally EVERYWHERE, and in the initiation stage of the course, truly seek to know Your Divinity, Your balanced connection to all that is. Use your own intention to get what You need from that initiation ceremony. 

Yes, I am saying that I believe that Reiki is for EVERYONE, no exception. I don’t often make such generalized statements but, I just see Reiki as such a wondrous connection to the divine and now the divine feminine that I feel certain enough to generalize. I am “not” channeling, just relaying an insight that I saw and felt so clearly, I had to share it.

And again, my world has changed with insight and understanding of things I had just accepted for so long, because I felt them. Now I understand the passion of the feeling. God Bless You with the softness of Feminine and the strength of Male, in perfect balance.


  1. I have taken Level one and practice on myself and family. What you have expressed is so close to what I feel when I practice Reiki. I often use Reiki before tarot readings to align myself and feel more balanced and connected. It is so good to have what I feel put into words. I do not feel the need to be a practitioner but do feel the need to follow through to the masters level.

  2. Thanks for the confirmation. I see Reiki as such a powerful energy that, because of its history, has an energetic momentum that anyone can tap into and be brought into alignment by merely tapping in! Thanks for sharing. D.


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